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Tell you which methods of pressure measurement sensor troubl

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Tell you which methods of pressure measurement sensor troubleshooting are available

1. Electronic means measure the absolute pressure so that the control of the inflated state of the line is more complete and continuous.
2. From both dynamic and static aspects, leak points can be estimated in advance.
3. Determine the change in pressure within the cable, so that the time of inflation can be estimated, that is, when a negative variable occurs, the amount of reduction can be determined in advance, and the final pressure value and corresponding diffusion time of the pressure sensor fault section can be determined. .
4. Verify the gas path of the cable.
Pressure sensor correct installation method:
1. Verify the frequency response of the pressure sensor by means of an appropriate instrument under normal atmospheric pressure and standard temperature conditions.
2. Verify the correctness of the pressure sensor code and the corresponding frequency response signal.
2. Determine the specific installation location
In order to determine the number and the specific installation position of the pressure sensor, it is necessary to consider the respective inflation section of the inflator.
1. The pressure sensor must be installed along the cable, preferably at the cable gland.
2. Each cable shall be equipped with not less than 4 pressure sensors, and shall be close to the two pressure sensors of the telephone exchange and should not be more than 200m apart.
3. Install one at the beginning and at the end of each cable.
4. One branch point should be installed for each cable. If two branch points are closer than 100m apart, only one can be installed.
5 cable laying overhead, underground. Change should be installed 1
6. For unbranched cables, because the cable patterns of the barriers are the same, the installation distance of the pressure sensor is not 500 m, and the total number is not less than 4.
7. In order to facilitate the determination of the pressure sensor failure point, in addition to installing the pressure sensor at the starting point, 150 ~ 200m away from the starting point, but also to install another one of course in the design, we must consider the economy

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