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US MEAS pressure sensor

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US MEAS pressure sensor

Product Name: US MEAS Pressure Sensor
MEAS is one of the world's leading sensor manufacturing companies. The US MEAS company was founded in 1983. American MEAS products are distributed in all corners of the world. US MEAS has branches in more than 30 countries. With its global sales network, MEAS can supply US MEAS pressure sensors, MEAS displacement sensors, MEAS inclination sensors, MEAS angular displacement sensors, MEAS to more than 100 countries around the world. Hall encoder, MEAS magnetoresistive sensor, MEAS accelerometer, MEAS vibration sensor, MEAS humidity sensor, MEAS temperature sensor, MEAS infrared sensor, MEAS photoelectric sensor, MEAS piezoelectric film sensor, MEAS intelligent traffic sensor.
product description:
The US MEAS pressure sensor MS5805-02BA01 sensor module includes a high linear pressure sensor and an ultra-low power 24-bit ΔΣ ADC internal factory calibrated coefficient. It provides an accurate digital 24-bit pressure and temperature value and different operating modes, allowing the user to optimize conversion speed and current consumption. A high resolution temperature output allows the altimeter/thermometer function to be performed without any additional sensors. Can be connected to almost any microcontroller. The communication protocol is simple, without the need for a programmed internal register device. MEas pressure sensor is based on MEMS (micro-electromechanical) technology, based on micro/nano, silicon wafer strain gauge composed of Wheatstone bridge fabricated on monocrystalline silicon wafer, so that the pressure sensor manufactured has high output sensitivity. Stable performance, batch reliability, and good repeatability.
- Low power consumption, 0.6 degrees (standby 25°, 0.15 ° C);
- good long-term stability;
- the power supply voltage is 1.8 to 3.6 volts;
- no external components (internal oscillator);
- long-term stability;
- US MEAS pressure sensor MS5805-02BA01 application areas: mobile altimeter / barometer system, multi-mode watch, magnetometer, data collector
Pressure sensor knowledge of the pressure sensor works:
 1. Piezoresistive force sensor: The resistance strain gauge is one of the main components of the piezoresistive strain sensor. The working principle of the metal resistance strain gauge is a phenomenon in which the strain resistance adsorbed on the base material changes with the mechanical deformation, which is commonly called the resistance strain effect.
 2, ceramic pressure sensor: ceramic pressure sensor based on piezoresistive effect, pressure directly on the front surface of the ceramic diaphragm, so that the diaphragm is slightly deformed, thick film resistor printed on the back of the ceramic diaphragm, connected into a Wheatstone The bridge, due to the piezoresistive effect of the varistor, causes the bridge to generate a highly linear voltage signal proportional to the pressure and proportional to the excitation voltage. The standard signal is calibrated to 2.0/3.0/3.3mV depending on the pressure range. /V, etc., can be compatible with strain gauge sensors.
 3. Piezoelectric pressure sensor: The piezoelectric effect is the main working principle of the piezoelectric sensor. The piezoelectric sensor cannot be used for static measurement because the electric charge after the external force is saved when the loop has an infinite input impedance. This is not the case, so this determines that the piezoelectric sensor can only measure dynamic stresses.

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