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SHELOK pressure sensor classification

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 SHELOK pressure sensor classification

       The basic principle of multi-sensor information fusion technology is just like the process of the human brain's comprehensive processing of information, and the multi-level and multi-space information of various sensors are complementary.
The combination of optimization and processing eventually produces a consistent interpretation of the observational environment. In this process, we must make full use of multi-source data for reasonable control and use, and information fusion.
The ultimate goal is to derive more useful information based on multiple levels and combinations of information based on the separation observations obtained by each sensor. This is not just using multiple
The advantages of the sensors in cooperating with each other, but also the data of other information sources are comprehensively processed to improve the intelligence of the entire sensor system.
                                          Xi'an SHELOK pressure sensor
      Pressure sensors are the most widely used type of sensors. The traditional pressure sensor is mainly composed of mechanical structural devices, and the pressure is indicated by the deformation of elastic components, but
This structure is large in size and heavy in weight and cannot provide electrical output. With the development of semiconductor technology, semiconductor pressure sensors have also emerged. It is characterized by its small size and quality.
Light weight, high accuracy, and good temperature characteristics. In particular, with the development of MEMS technology, semiconductor sensors have developed toward miniaturization, and they have low power consumption and high reliability.
Semiconductor pressure resistance type
      The semiconductor piezoresistive diffusion pressure sensor forms a semiconductor deformation pressure on the surface of the sheet and deforms the sheet by an external force (pressure) to generate a piezoresistive effect.
The change in impedance is converted into an electrical signal.
Electrostatic capacity type
      An electrostatic capacitance type pressure sensor is a capacitor formed by opposing a fixed electrode of a glass and a movable electrode of silicon, and a static capacitance generated by deforming a movable electrode by an external force (pressure).
The change in quantity is converted into an electrical signal. (2088 operating principle is electrostatic capacity, other models use semiconductors).

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