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Intelligent pressure transmitter characteristics

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 [Intelligent pressure transmitter characteristics]

       Smart pressure transmitter with reverse polarity and current limiting protection; laser trimming temperature compensation, wide range, anti-corrosion, suitable for a variety of media; overload and anti-interference ability, stable performance; unique display head design, can Optional analog, digital display header; zero and full scale can be adjusted through the communicator, range migration range.
Zero and span adjustment
Transmitter zero and span adjustments can be adjusted on-site via the transmitter's own button; it can also be remotely adjusted via a handheld terminal. The specific method is: After adding zero pressure and stable, simultaneously hold down the Z and S keys (Z zero point adjustment, S is the range adjustment) 5 seconds to release, press the Z key for 2 seconds to adjust the zero point, add full pressure and stabilize , press S key for 2 seconds to adjust the full range. Note: The calibration range of zero calibration is ±8% of the pressure range, and the span calibration range is 30% to 100% of the pressure range, which is continuously adjustable. After the adjustment is completed, close the sealing cap and tighten it.
Pressure transmitter features
1. With automatic compensation ability, software can automatically compensate sensor nonlinearity, temperature drift and time drift. Can be self-diagnosis, after the power can be self-test sensor to check the sensor is normal, and make judgments. Data processing is convenient and accurate, and data can be automatically processed according to internal procedures, such as statistical processing, removal of abnormal values, and the like.
2. With two-way communication capabilities. The microprocessor not only receives and processes sensor data, but also feeds information back to the sensor to adjust and control the measurement process. The information can be stored and memorized, and the sensor's characteristic data, configuration information and compensation characteristics can be stored.
3. With digital interface output function, the output digital signal can be conveniently connected with computer or field bus.
Analog Features
High precision
Range, zero external continuous adjustable
Good stability
Up to 500% positive migration and up to 600% negative migration
Two-wire system
Adjustable damping, over pressure resistance
Solid sensor design
No mechanical moving parts, less maintenance
Light weight (2.5kg)
All series of unified structure, strong interchangeability
Miniaturization (166mm total height)
Optional diaphragm material for contact with media
Unilateral overpressure
Low pressure cast aluminum alloy housing
Automotive pressure transmitter
Intelligent Pressure Transmitter Features
Super measurement performance for pressure, differential pressure, level, flow measurement
Digital accuracy: +(-)0.05%
Simulation accuracy: +(-)0.75%+(-)0.1%F.S
Full performance: +(-)0.25F.S
Stability: 0.25% 60 months
Turndown ratio: 100:1
Measurement rate: 0.2S
Miniaturized (2.4kg) stainless steel flange for easy installation
The process connection is compatible with other products to achieve the best measurement
The only sensor (patented technology) using H alloy sheath in the world achieves excellent cold and thermal stability
Intelligent transmitter with 16-bit computer
Standard 4-20mA with digital signal based on HART protocol, remote control
Support upgrades to fieldbus and field-based control technology.
Eight characteristics of intelligent pressure transmitter
1. Intelligent integrated design: integrates pressure signal acquisition, processing, display and output.
2. Micro power dual power supply design, high reliability.
3. Has a unique dynamic automatic tracking temperature compensation.
4. With software correction zero drift function.
5. The upper and lower alarm memory flash indication function.
6. Pressure full scale software settings migration function.
7. Low power self-diagnosis function.
8. With power protection function.

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