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Commonly used pressure sensor

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 Commonly used pressure sensor

         The pressure sensor is a device that changes the non-electricity into an electric message, and the detection instrument generally includes a sensor and a detection point under the premise of analog electronic skills.
Sampling equipment and amplifiers (for anti-interference processing and message transmission), it is true that there are power supply and live display parts (optional). The electrical messages are generally continuous and discrete.
Two kinds, actually can also be divided into analog quantity, switch quantity, pulse quantity,etc., analog message transmission adopts the same news (4-20mADC,etc.). During the data process, the detector
The changes in the table are relatively large. After several stages, ASIC specific integrated circuits have recently been adopted, and sensors and microprocessors and network interfaces are encapsulated in one device.
Complete message acquisition, processing, transmission, storage and other functions. In automated instrumentation, the instrumentation is often referred to as a transmitter, such as a problem transmitter.
         In modern industrial equipment, the detection instrument is an indispensable part of the reason, but also from the following two aspects, ordinary industrial equipment such as on its growth
Sensors with requirements, equipped with detailed measuring components, their functions and accuracy can be improved, user-friendly operation and protection, security level can also be improved, equipment can be added value
Industrial equipment as part of the control of the automation system or as part of the automation system must be compatible with the three parts of the automation system (detection, control, and implementation).
Or supply interfaces to make the set into an organic whole, whether it is a stand-alone initiative or as part of a large-scale automated assembly, the use of the industrial equipment has been expanded
. To sum up, as the self-growth sensors and detection instruments, measuring instruments or supply interfaces of industrial equipment, it is a prerequisite for the upgrading of common equipment. Pressure check
The instrument not only solves the standard pressure check, but also better meets the on-site comprehensive test needs. There are a lot of manufacturers who already have the entire instrument micro
Intelligentized, so that the pressure calibrator has a multi-range and recording functions.
Pressure Sensor
         Because pressure sensors are used in all walks of life, coupled with the rapid growth of home appliances, automobiles, and news industries in recent years, the demand for sensors has increased significantly.
The sensor manufacturing industry has grown rapidly, forming a self-sufficient industry, which has spurred industrial equipment, especially the growth of the semiconductor equipment manufacturing industry, so people have a need to pay special attention to
Sensor industry. A wide variety of pressure sensor products are based on scientific principles, skill-intensive, diversity, borderlines, comprehensiveness and skills, and require multiple disciplines.
A variety of high-tech skill pressure calibrators are pressure-calibration standard instruments designed to calibrate various pressure (differential pressure) transmitters, pressure switches, general and precision pressure gauges.
While measuring pressure, current or voltage can also be measured. The pressure measured by the instrument and the set pressure percentage and the measured current are displayed in the same screen. The current and current percentage can be displayed by
Indicates the menu selection. In addition to measuring pressure, the instrument also provides a high-precision 24V DC power supply. Widely used in electric power, metallurgy, petrochemical, medicine, water conservancy, aviation, measurement,
Meteorology, environmental protection, automation and other departments and research institutes.
         Industrial equipment in the manufacturing process and machine performance experience can not be separated from the various types of machinery and geometry, and some industrial equipment in the operation often have to detect a variety of quantities
Or supervision, including speed, acceleration, force, torque, power, pressure, flow, temperature, hardness, density, humidity, specific gravity, viscosity, length, angle, shape, position
, Appearance, Appearance, etc. These are physical quantities. Actual production, living and scientific experiments will also encounter chemical quantities, biomass (including medicine), and all of this
From the point of view of message engineering, all need to go through a sensor and convert it into an electric message (which can also be converted into an optical message in modern times), and then transfer and process the message.
Storage, display, and control, from the perspective of messages, these messages, along with sound and image messages, are the origin of the messages, so sensors and instrumentation, measuring instruments are messages.
An important part of the three parts of science skills (message acquisition, message transmission, message processing).
         As a new type of test instrument, pressure calibrator not only solves the standard pressure check, but also better meets the on-site comprehensive test needs. As a pressure calibrator
The core components, pressure sensors have a direct impact on the performance of this pressure calibrator.

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