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Air compressor pressure sensor

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 Air compressor pressure sensor

Air compressor pressure sensor product overview:
        The SHELOK 2088 series micro-fusion pressure transmitter has a pressure chamber made of stainless steel single-piece integrated structure. The product is characterized by no O-type
Ring, no welds, no silicone oil or other organic materials, durable. This series of products uses unique micro-melting technology, the introduction of aviation applications technology, the use of high
Warm glass micro-machined silicon varistor strain gauges are melted on stainless steel diaphragms. Glass bonding process avoids temperature, humidity, mechanical fatigue and
The effect of quality on glue and material, thereby improving the long-term stability of the sensor in industrial environments, while also avoiding the sensor in the traditional micro-machinery
P-N junction effects that occur during processing and manufacturing processes. This product is especially suitable for medium-sized and high-volume applications for OEM customers. The standard product can be widely used
Universal for various ways. With my company's intelligent digital display (N series - display alarm, PD9001 - control) supporting the system pressure display
Alarm or control.
                                   Air compressor pressure sensor
Air compressor pressure sensor technical parameters:
      Range: 0¡«0.5MPa¡«600MPa
      Comprehensive accuracy: 0.5% FS; 1% FS
      Output signal: 4-20mA superimposed HART protocol, 0-5V, 0-10V, 1-5V,
      Supply voltage: 24(12~36)VDC
      Response time: <5ms
      Pressure connection: G1/4, G1/2, 1/2NPT, 1/4NPT, M12*1.5, etc. (Can be customized according to customer requirements)
      Electrical connection: Hessian connector (DIN), M12 four-wire connector, direct lead, aviation plug-in, etc. (can be customized according to requirements)
Air compressor pressure sensor product advantages:
     1. Cost-effective, can save 30% of the cost;
     2. Compact structure, can save a lot of space, meet the requirements of miniaturization;
     3 can be mass production, suitable for OEM production;
     4. The diaphragm has a low rate of damage and improves the useful life of the sensor.
Air compressor pressure sensor features:
      0...2mbar to 0...6000bar pressure range measurement
      A variety of industry standard signal output options
      Connection method is connector or direct lead
      Simple shape design, cost-effective
      Can increase the zero adjustment full-scale function as required
      A variety of pressure interface options

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