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YD series sanitary cleaning pressure sensor

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YD series sanitary cleaning pressure sensor

There are many types of pressure sensors, and their performances are also quite different. How to choose more suitable sensors to achieve economic and reasonable use. No moving parts, no mechanical wear, up to 10 million times of alternating stress cycles, maintenance-free, CE certified
It is equipped with a series of standard process connection ports. It provides a flat membrane process interface for special media with high viscosity such as oil, mud and pulp.
Process operating temperature is available in -30...100°C/-40...125°C/-20...150°C range
Suitable for frequent on-site cleaning (CIP) and on-site sterilization (SIP)
Provides a variety of process interfaces and sealing methods suitable for sanitary applications
Certified by the EHEDG Health Standard for the Food, Beverage and Cosmetics Pharmaceutical Industry
The pressure sensor is designed as a hygienic pressure sensor, a precise and clean solution:
Robust design, precise pressure measurement technology
Clean flat, ring welded stainless steel film with surface roughness Ra < 0.4 μm
The wetted parts are 1.4435 stainless steel and the outer casing is 1.4571 stainless steel.
Suitable for on-site cleaning / on-site disinfection
Provide a variety of hygienic process connection options
Stainless steel housing, protection class IP68
Field protection (IP67) optional
EHEDG certified for safe and hygienic operation
Robust design, high quality materials for high reliability
Suitable for on-site cleaning / on-site disinfection to make the system run efficiently
The entire sensor has very good cleanability
Multiple parameter configurations, optimized solutions
Hygienic pressure sensor application areas:
As an integrated component, pressure measurement during processing and finishing in the food and beverage industry,
Pressure measurement in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries
Hygienic treatment technology
Hydraulic measurement of process and storage containers
Resistant to most corrosive media

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